What is the real driver of change in the world of retail commerce?

E-commerce through the village market day made it easier to reach more customers and shopping there peoples. Once again customer find what they were looking for.

Now to the 2017 Retails store traffic is down and 25% of India. Many malls are closing why? They’re not the easiest. Traffic, compressed family schedules, and limited selection are the norm. Not everything is their fault, but when is it ever?    Check out the annual reports of some mall , you’ll read about drastic store count reductions. So where’s the EASY shopping now? It’s online and it’s booming. According to a recent News report, ecommerce sales will grow in excess of 47 % annually for the next three years.

What’s a business to do?

  1. Am I where they want me to be?
  2. Am I making it easy for my customers to buy?
  3. Is my selection easy?
  4. Can customers see what I have?
  5. Is my checkout?
  6. Is my purchasing environment?
  7. Is my payment option selection?
  8. Is my delivery and return activities?

Need Help?

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