If you’re looking good rankings on Google then the first step is to make sure your website SEO friendly design by IEinfosoft. We’ll give you 5 simple steps you can carry out to your website is being indexed by Google.

Step 1st:

Robots.txt file – The first step  you need to make is to head to your robots.txt file and check if the website is blocking all web crawlers with a line of code similar to: User-agent: *Disallow: /

Step 2nd:

Robots Meta tag – 2nd steps is that your pages can be indexed and that they don’t contain a robots no-index or no-follow Meta tag.

Step 3rd:

Sitemap –3rd steps is You have a valid xml sitemap file and that all of the URLs work.

Step 4th:

Google Search Console – 4th steps is Register your site with Google Search Console and check for any indexation problems.

Step 5th:

Mobile-friendly – step 5th Google is now using the mobile version of a website for indexing which means that if your website isn’t mobile friendly then it might not be showing up in searches.


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